• Foto: Frank Vinken

    Foto: Guido Schiefer

    Foto: Jan Verbeek


    Rochus Aust and 1st German Electrophonic Orchestra
    «Apartment One Hundred»

    What is it like to live in a historical Bauhaus building? What do the residents do there, how do they feel and what happens to them in such a historically laden environment which doubles as their «home»? The project APARTMENT ONE HUNDRED by the internationally active Cologne composer, sound and installation artist Rochus Aust wishes to learn more about these Bauhaus people. Aust asks whether Bauhaus people are still around, or whether they ever existed, or might sometime in the future. These questions might be a litmus test, as long as the Bauhaus does not want to become a museum or mausoleum. APARTMENT ONE HUNDRED is a real-world documentary event consisting of music, film and architecture, an interactive performance that extends beyond the audience and the actors. It can be viewed and heard simultaneously on all media channels, is participative and hands-on. The project invites people to Weimar who currently live and work in Bauhaus buildings around the world and allows them to be part of an interactive and performative media sculpture on the campus of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.