• Foto: Guido Werner

    Foto: Marko Bussmann


    Bauhaus concerts

    The Kunstfest 2019 will present five Bauhaus concerts which highlight the innovative spirit and developments of the Bauhaus era in Weimar. Three concerts will underscore the shared history and thematic parallels of the Bauhaus and its successor institution Black Mountain College in North Carolina which existed until 1957. Although the Bauhaus Weimar did not have a musical workshop per se, the school intensively explored the relationship between music and the visual arts. Not only did the Bauhaus drive the art and design trends of the 1920s, it also probed the technical possibilities of mechanical acoustic production. These innovations continued at Black Mountain College with action art and spatial compositions in the 1950s and 1960s which pioneered the contemporary sound installations of today. The concert programme «Kandinsky ::: JaJa ДaДa» features improvisation and experimental compositions based on Bauhaus theatre performances and relatively unknown poetry by Wassily Kandinsky. And the programme «Lichtspiele» (Light Shows) aims to musically interpret the cinematic forays of the Bauhaus period.