• Foto: Jean Louis Fernandez

    Foto: Jean Louis Fernandez


    Falk Richter «I am Europe»

    Just 80 years after the catastrophy – the beginning of World War II – and 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it seems the idea of a united Europe faces greater danger than ever before. Intolerance, cynicism and right-wing populism dominate public discourse in a way that was inconceivable just a few years ago. But more and more people are rethinking the ageold concepts of home and family. And many are now aware that society must redefine the terms of our coexistence. In the face of this volatile situation, a young European performance ensemble of diverse origin responds: «I am Europe».

    «How is Europe inscribed in the biographies of these young performers? What do home, family, religion and society mean to them in their daily lives? How do they see themselves in a Europe where democratic discourse is increasingly drowned out by demagogy and animosity? What utopias can we offer to counter such developments? And how do we envision our coexistence in the future?» These are questions Falk Richter, one of Germany’s best-known authors and directors, explores in this new European coproduction featuring choreography by the Israeli dance artist Nir de Volff.